Transforming the treatment of
B cell-mediated autoimmune diseases

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CAAR T approach leveraging successful CAR T: Our proprietary technology utilizes chimeric autoantibody receptor, or CAAR, T cells that are designed to selectively bind and eliminate B cells that produce disease-causing autoantibodies (pathogenic B cells) while sparing normal B cells.
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Building a pipeline: Our initial focus is on pemphigus vulgaris (PV), an autoimmune blistering skin disease. We are also advancing additional product candidates currently in discovery-stage or preclinical development for the treatment of muscle-specific kinase myasthenia gravis (MuSK MG), mucocutaneous PV (mcPV), and Hemophilia A with Factor VIII alloantibodies.
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Leadership team: Cabaletta Bio has brought together leading scientists and experts in cell therapy and autoimmune disease to develop CAAR T cell therapies that offer a potential one-time cure of B cell-mediated autoimmune diseases.
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Grounded in proven science.

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